Finding Lontalius' "All I Wanna Say" is honestly my proudest find in a long time. Its simplicity is beautiful, so much so that I'm at a loss for words to describe it as anything else. You have to listen to it immediately. Following the track with Demi Lovato's emotional live studio performance of "Stone Cold," another alarmingly stunning song, the singer showcases her soulful roots, along with her calculated play for a Grammy. Demi's new album, 'Confident,' drops on October 16th. "Metaphysical," an upbeat dance-y track by Autograf + Janelle Kroll, gives us a bit of a break from the intensity provided by Lontalius and Demi, but is lyrically, vocally, and musically just as pretty (I hear u harp). It's no secret that I love Rick Ross, and the Boss *insert grunt here* teamed up with Chris Brown on his track "Sorry," which will be on his new album 'Black Market,' due out this December. Enjoooy.