Don't Hold Out

"Don't Hold Out," by Hannah Lucia has been praised by everyone from Diplo (#diploapproved), to Urban Outfitters, was featured on Noisey/Vice, and climbed to #8 on Spotify's US Viral Chart. If that doesn't make you want to listen to the track, this should - Hannah has an infectious, buttery voice, that echoes a sultry-assertiveness that many women can identify with. She shines a light on her vulnerability throughout the R&B influenced song, and proves herself as an artist by the songs end. The Japanese House (Amber Bain) recently released the 'Clean' EP and announced that they were supporting The 1975 on their upcoming tour. Vocally reminiscent of Imogen Heap, it's clear why TJH is gaining traction. "Sugar Pill" is piano/synth heavy, driven by distorted vocals, leaving the listener curious and wanting more. In short, it's addictive. "Steady," the title track off of the recently released 'Steady' EP by Kingslynn, features the most stunning piano and delicate vocals. "Steady" is riddled with dynamics, seamlessly blending musical elements from the 80's with classical arrangements. Truly gorgeous. Check Hannah Lucia, The Japanese House, and Kingslynn out below!