Just Like Cancer

We've been busy crying ourselves to sleep every night since Adele's '25' came out, and now that Rick Ross' 'Black Market' has finally dropped, we finally have a reason to rejoin the human race. "Crocodile Python" is 🔥🔥🔥. Guilty pleasure, #sorrynotsorry. Anyway, Glassjaw released a new single, "New White Extremity," which will be on their upcoming album due out next year. "New White Extremity" is their newest song in almost five years, and the album will be Glassjaw's first in thirteen years (apart from various EP's that they have released.) So. Much. Nostalgia. Kendrick Lamar + J. Cole *kind of* announced last week that they will be teaming up on a compilation of sorts in February. They remixed one-another's songs and came up with "Black Friday," which is pure genius. This collaboration is the sociopolitical hip-hop powerhouse hybrid that we've been dreaming of (and have really been needing.) On An On's "Drifting," simply put, is a gorgeous song. On An On reminds us of The Postal Service, Radiohead, and Polyenso - you have have to check them out. Listen to allll of the musical goodness below.