This week we've struck musical GOLD with new releases from Lower Dens + City and Colour, and new videos from Kimbra + Willow Talk. Seriously, eargasms have been induced around the globe. This is almost too much goodness to handle.

Lower Dens' "Sucker's Shangri-La" is the fourth single from the band's third record, 'Escape from Evil,' released on Ribbon Music. The treatment for the video features an elderly Asian man singing karaoke and it's fucking brilliant. Kimbra released a music video for "Goldmine" off of her 2014 album, 'The Golden Echo,' and the editing (not to mention the track itself) is pretty great. Willow Talk's spacey live video for "And Neither Did You," captures a live performance at Goldilocks Gallery in Philadelphia - and it's sooo  good. The track can be found on their 2012 release, 'Foreign Affairs.' Finally, City and Colour released a new song 9+ minute long song from their highly anticipated upcoming fifth album. The track is indescribable, nothing short of an epic, with heavy influence to their predecessors from the 70's. The track, titled, "Woman," is a masterpiece. Listen below!